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[Engineering Plastic] PTFE

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Being well known as "Teflon," almost 60% of all fluoric resin is PTFE.


PTFE is the most representative fluoric resin (PTFE, PCTTE, PFA, PVDF – 60% of all fluoric resins(Teflon)) and having very unique properties showing superior heat / low temperature / chemical / friction / adhesion resistance along with excellent electrical property.
The material is widely used for the applications that require simultaneous multi properties (i.e Heat resistance + electrical property, Chemical resistance + Heat resistance, Non-adhesive + heat resistance) and, more particularly, for the applications that require chemical / agent resistance in chemical or semi-conductor industry.


  1. Operational Temperature = 260°C
    - The product can be used in high temperature environment.
  2. Low friction
    - The product shows the lowest friction coefficient among all solid materials.
  3. Superior chemical resistance
    - The products is stable and safe against almost of all chemicals and agents.
  4. Electrical property
    - With low electric permittivity loss factor, the product holds superior electrical property and is stable
  5. Fire retardant
    - Since the product has very low combustible energy, it cannot be the cause for the second ignitio


  • In semi-conductor manufacturing equipment
    - Valve bellows, Gaskets, Tubes, Linings, Filters and etc.
  • General machine / auto parts
    - Bearings, Gaskets, Packing and etc.
  • Electrical insulator
    - Tapes, Films, Connectors, Terminals, Cable sheathes
  • Others
    - Sealing tapes for gas / water piping. Non-adhesive coater for kitchen. Roofing


  • Pure PTFE / Filled PTFE
  • Glass fiber 15%. 25%
  • Graphite 15%
  • Glass fiber 15% + MOS2 5%
  • Carbon / Graphite 25%. 30%
  • Bronze 40%. 60%
  • Carbon fiber 10%. 15%
  • Polymide 15%
ymide 15%