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[Engineering Plastic] PEEK

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"Super engineering plastic" with superior heat / chemical resistance.


  • PEEK has the highest heat resistance (continuous use temperature is 250°C), does not produce gas and produces only a small amount of smoke.
    It is used in fields that require a high efficiency in adverse conditions, such as fields in electricity, electronics, and space administration.
    Its mechanical characteristic is that it has a high rigidity and rate of advance.
    It is an extremely strong material that also has excellent impact resistance.


  1. Operational Temperature = 250°C
    - The product can be continuously used in high temperature environment.
  2. Superior chemical resistance
    - It shows superior resistance property against wide range of chemicals.
  3. Stable property in even heat water or steam.
    - No notable change in property is observed after placing 250°C pressurized heat water / steam for 3000 hours.
  4. Superior radiation resistance
    - The product shows superior stability against radiation
  5. Excellent mechanical property in wide temperature range.
    - Excellent electrical property with superior weatherproofness.


  • Parts for measurement instruments and precision machines
  • Food processing line
  • Parts for semi-conductor manufacturing equipments, coating machines, metal surface treatment machines.
  • Parts for nuclear energy equipment
  • Parts for automobiles, aircrafts and other manufacturing lines.
  • Valves and parts for heat water / steam including pumps and piping systems.


  • PEEK 1000 - Natural
  • PEEK HPV - Graphite fiber + PTFE + Graphite
  • PEEK GF30 - Glass fiber reinforcement
  • PEEK CA30 - Graphite fiber reinforcement