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[Engineering Plastic] Mono Cast Nylon

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The product has been improved in its heat / chemical resistance and mechanical strength in compare with 6nylon.


  • MC nylon is a high-quality nylon that has qualities that are not present in injection-molded or extrusion-molded products.
    It was improved by polymerizing and molding the main material’s nylon monomer under atmospheric pressure.


  1. Operational Temperature = 120°C
    - In case with MC-E Nylon = 110°C
  2. Chemical resistance
    - The material has good chemical resistance against organic solutions, oils and alkali agents.
  3. Mechanical strength
    - It has superior mechanical strength and durability in compare with conventional nylon resins.
  4. Wearproof
    - MC901 has self- lubricating property showing superior slippery nature.


  • Auto wheels, Gears, Sprockets, Rollers, Bearings, Liners, Slide plates, Guide pallets, Insulators and etc.


  • MC901(Blue) - Basic MC grade
  • MC907(Ivory) - Natural grade
  • MC801(Dark Gray) - Weatherproofness grade by adding Molybdenum(Mos-2)
  • MC501CD(R4) - Conductive grade(MC501CD(R6) - Antistatic grade
  • MC-E Nylon(Blue) - Economical extruded product retaining
  • MC 601(Yellow. Green) - Oil added material
  • MC 610(Red) - Improved heat / wear resistance