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(Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene Resin)
The material can be widely used with its good impact resistance and strength.


  • ABS is a styrene thermoplastic resin. It has a high impact resistance and rigidity, so it is excellent in width stability and molding ability.
  • It is a combination of acrylonitrile, Butadiene, and styrene. It has much generality and maintains a balance of the three characteristics of the plastics.
    [acrylonitrile] → It has a superior mechanic efficiency and is highly stabile.
    [Butadiene] → It has rubber components, so it has a high impact-resistance.
    [Styrene] → It has a good molding ability, and its electronic qualities are also excellent


  1. Good impact resistance and strength
  2. Easy accessibility for 2nd machining
    - Easy cutting, drilling, coating, silk screen printing and etc.
    - Easy tapping, insertion, adhesion and etc.


  • Electrics
    - Parts for photo copiers, coolers, TVs, Vacuum cleaners, Inner box door liners of refrigerators, dryers, calculators and etc.
  • Automobiles
    - Interior decorations, dash board covers, floor shift covers, parts trays, Radiator grills, Console boxes and etc.
  • Displays and panels
    - Display, sign board, indicating panels and etc.


  • Colors - Original(ivory), Black (Custom-made available)