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Epoxy is good for adhesion, dimensional stability, moisture-resistance, water-resistance and drug-resistance among thermosetting resins and has good balance in terms of electric and mechanical features, so it can be widely used.
High wear-resistance and plasticity is achieved and there is almost no case where epoxy resins are used independently. Epoxy resins are used by being changed to thermosetting materials after adding hardeners.

  • Epoxy doesn’t harden if you heat it without adding a hardener or a catalyzer, which is a feature different from other thermosetting resins.
  • High electric insulation, drug-resistance, heat-resistance and mechanical strength
  • Not infringed by ordinary solvents
  • Heat distortion temperature is not high and resistance to UV rays is low.

Minimization of burr : YW-E-GM minimizes the burr with even and hard surface.

  • High-quality hole processing: YW-E-GM doesn’t cause pollution of the inner walls of holes thanks to its special mixing and perfect hardening.
  • Restoration of investment: YW-E-GM is effective as an entry material aimed at reducing Burr symptoms and saving costs with regard to hole washing.
  • Effective for soft and hard circuit boards


  • Parts and electric insulation paints for planes, Automotive parts, optical instruments, electrical instruments, rail roads
  • Resin materials for adhesive FRP such as laminated products, timber, ceramics, concrete, rubbers, etc.