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Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene


It means highly concentrated polyethen, which has an average molecular weight of more than one million, and is called "ultra high molecular weight polyethylene" ( UHMW-PE) and is commonly known (as an abbreviation) as UPE.
Of all thermoplastic plastics, it has the best impact resistance and abrasion resistance.
Due to these characteristics, it is mainly used in the guide rail, chain guide, chain conveyer of carrier machines and low-abrasion counters such as the roller, and also in work that require abrasion resistance and impact resistance..


  1. Excellent impact resistance
    - The product has the best impact resistance among all plastic types.
  2. Superior wearproof
    - The product has even superior wear resistance than stainless steel or Enplas Such as POM 6N.
  3. Self-lubrication
    - Low friction coefficient. Excellent contact-move property
  4. Chemical resistance
    - The product is very strong against chemicals except strong acid.
  5. Operational Temperature = 80°C
    - Operational Temperature = -100°C
  6. Non-toxic
    - This free of toxin product is a perfect solution for food industry.
    - The property performances are all in conformance with the Food & Health Law.


  1. Food processing machine parts including packaging
  2. Paper manufacturing machine parts / converting machine parts
  3. Machine parts for Guide rails, Star Foils, Chain guides, Chain conveyors, Rollers, Accelerating machine and etc.
  4. Leisure facilities, Farm machines, Hoppers and etc.


  • White, Green, Black, Antistatic (Black)