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Plastic Raw Materials (POM)


It is a representative engineering plastic, and is widely used in fields of electricity, automobiles and various machines.


  1. Continuous use temperature = 95°C ~ -45°C
  2. Chemical resistance
    - It shows a pre-eminent durability with chemicals and oils for weapons.
  3. Creep resistance
    - It shows good Creep resistance in a wide temperature range, so it does not deform much when it comes into contact with oils or chemicals.
  4. Wear-resistance
    - It does not wear out from continuous shock or vibration, so it contains and maintains a stable performance.
  5. friction and abrasion resistance
    - It has a high self-lubricating ability and has the best friction / abrasion resistance of all thermoplastic resin. It is used widely as an oil-less component.


  • AV devices - Video player, CD/SD player, Radio cassette, Headphone stereo
  • Parts for OA devices / white appliances / automobile - Parts for printers, keyboards, kitchenware, vacuum cleaners, Washing machines, Iron machine.
  • Precision equipments - Cameras / watches

Color – White, Black