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[Engineering Plastic] PCTFE

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The material has superior heat / chemical resistance and is transparent.


  • PCTFE is a fluoric resin that is the most similar with PTFE. It can be molded by ejection / extrusion / compression molding into a product of any given shape.
    The strongest point of PCTFE is its+ chemical-resistance. It also has powerful strength, heat resistance, and transparency and is used in the liquid intaking pipes, and in the pipes of corrosive chemicals.


  1. Continuous use temperature = 180°C
    - It has a heat resistance of -50 ~ 180°C, so it has an excellent width-stability and impact resistance at very low temperatures.
  2. Excellent chemical resistance
    - It falls behind PTFE. It swells with halide solvents, but shows a strong resistance to strong oxidants, alkaline, and mixed-acid oxidants
  3. Transparency
    - The product is characterized with translucent which 4F(PTFE) does not have.
  4. Electrical property
    - It has superior electrical property (low permittivity and dielectric tangent)
  5. Mechanical property
    - The mechanical property of the product is similar to that of 4F(PTFE) however, because it has better property for compressing, it can be used for the gasket (high pressure).


  • Parts for heatproof electrics, packing, flanges, linings, chemical piping, packaging for chemicals, packaging films and etc.
  • Parts for level gauge, high pressure gaskets for chemicals, tubes for corrosive chemicals and other piping systems used in chemical plants.